Vocalist Shira Elias finds her voice in the space where soul, pop, and R&B collide. This spring, Shira welcomes her debut solo endeavor, GOODS the EP, under her latest project, Shira Elias' Goods & Services.

From early beginnings, singing and performing as a child, Shira spent her years immersed in theatre and live shows. Her passion took her to New York City, seeing her take on the world of live music and writing amidst the famous NYC hustle - and so began the next crucial chapter of her adventure.

"My whole life was waiting to get to New York. Once I got there I knew I was in the right place to become the artist I wanted to be," reflects Shira.

As she settled into the NYC performer's life her creative intuition grew stronger, and Shira began to explore storytelling through music - utilizing her voice as a tool for deep, emotional connection. While her vocal style tips its hat to the likes of Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin, her approach is ultimately one of a personal and colorful array of influences, a truth which first came to light when she joined forces with Brooklyn's 9-piece funk-outfit, Turkuaz, and became a full-time touring musician.

With Turkuaz, Shira has recorded six records and played shows across the globe at legendary venues like San Francisco's The Fillmore, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, The Blue Note Tokyo and New York's Terminal 5. Alongside a plethora of noteworthy achievements, the group has opened for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and worked with Jerry Harrison and Adrian Belew of The Talking Heads.

Interwoven with these unforgettable live experiences and accolades was Shira's desire to further develop her own sound as a powerhouse vocalist. The fierce drive to push her craft forward saw Shira work shoulder-to-shoulder with such high-level musicianship, leading ultimately to an immense level of artistic growth. The solo scene called out, and Shira found herself craving individual self-expression.

"I've always figured out which piece of the puzzle I am in every creative endeavor I've been a part of," admits Shira. "With this solo endeavor, now I get to design the entire puzzle and decide how I want all the pieces to fit together."

Shira Elias' Goods & Services is the vocalist's first venture into this arena of self-identity, seeing the artist collaborate with producer and musical partner MEGA, to offer up a series of songs that are deeply personal, decidedly honest, and undeniably unique.

"The process of writing GOODS was like expressing years of emotions and experiences that were bubbling inside of me and needed to be released," Shira elaborates. "Sharing my own uninhibited ideas and music with the world has been as equally an integral part of my growth as a human, as has living the actual experiences."

The release, aptly titled GOODS, skillfully encapsulates Shira's experiences and "the goods," so to speak, that she gained and lost during her life spent enveloped in NYC. Documenting personal growth and progression, complete with both the struggles and victories of a life dedicated to artistry, the EP acts as a love letter to both the big city and Shira's younger self.

"The City of New York is the other central character of GOODS. It is such a part of me and who I am that it inevitably showed its relentless, colorful heart on each track of the EP," echoes Shira.

After a decade of living in NYC and finally crafting her debut, Shira took her story back to the West Coast—from where she originally hails—to kick off the next chapter of her journey. The follow-up collection, SERVICES, was created in Los Angeles and promises to be a complementary counterpart to GOODS. The two collections together will prove a striking and heartfelt introduction to the artist and songwriter that is Shira Elias.

While this is far from the beginning of her journey, it's categorically the start of an unmissable new era.

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